La vita è un sogno

Hello everybody,

first of all sorry for being away for so long, I’ve just been crazy busy! Anyways, here are some photos that I took a while ago in Italy of the cities of Verona and Venice. It was indeed a fantastic trip and I took MILLIONS of pictures because in Italy everywhere you turn around, there’s a work of art. Hope you like the photos, and please let me know if you would like to see more.



The Alchemist (review) : summer reading challenge finished 

Hello everyone! 

today I just finished the last book in my summer reading challenge list: The Alchemist. I must say that this one was a quick one to read, it was not really difficult, however it has rich content that makes you slow down a bit and reflect on different aspects of life. 

I heard awesome things about this book and about the quit, so of course I had really high expectations that to be honest were not fully met. Do not get me wrong, it is a great book that you can read on a weekend, however I believe it’s not for everyone. I did not do a background check on the author, but from the content and reflections in the story, I dare to say that he is really influenced by his religious beliefs. Personally I do believe in God, that’s why I think it was easy for me to relate and find a deeper meaning in the different thoughts and actions of the main character. However for those out there that might not be religious, might not find it that interesting. 

Despite of what you believe in..or if you don’t this book is good and makes you appreciate life. As I said before is a light reader, so if you have some free time I would encourage you to read it.

At the moment I’m looking for books to read, If you have any suggestions please leave them in a comment down below! :) 

Let’s go back in time: LONDON

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another post in my let’s go back in time series, this time is about one of my favorite places: London

I went there about 6 years ago, and it was an unbelievable experience. Since I live in a very big city full of chaos and speed, London seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I walked around the city and visited different places, some of them you will see in the photos. The food, the vibe, the buildings, the music! Everything about it was phenomenal and it should definitely be one of your top destinations in your wish list.

Hope you like the pictures! Let me know if you want to know specific details about my trip and I can definitely write a longer post about it🙂



The Book Thief

So I just finished reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak about 20 minutes ago and I just had to come and write about it, not only because I want to share my thoughts about the book, but because the book itself is about words and the meaning and power they have in someone’s life.

I’ve wanted to read this book for a long time and I am glad I finally did it. It was long but definitely worth every single page. Since the very beginning I was captivated by the narrator and how at the end both the main character and the narrator interacted with each other. For those out there that think this is just another book related to the WWII, let me tell you it’s more than that. While the story develops in this period of time, it shows something that has always been present in the world and will remain forever. This story manages to show the sad, sometimes heartwarming point of view of a very peculiar character, such as that at the end, your perspective on certain matters might have changed.

I finally read this book and will definitely add it to the list of special ones that have marked my life. Also I am happy to see that I only have 1 book left in my summer reading list!

2 weeks before school starts, 1 book left = LET’S DO IT

For now this is all I have to say. In the next few days I’ll be posting another entry about traveling with great pictures that you can NOT miss🙂



Paris, let’s go back in time


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Hello everybody, today I wanted to share with you a gallery of some of my favorite pictures I took while I was in Paris. Now, I titled this “let’s go back in time” because it was a long time ago, … Continue reading

Freiburg: Last Summer Adventures


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Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you 2 of my favorite pictures that I took last year while I was in Germany. I was in the beautiful city of Freiburg, and let me tell you it was just … Continue reading

The old man and the sea & Mosquitoland (short review)

Hello everyone,

so I just finished reading 2 books from my summer reading list!! I’m so excited, because I might be able to pull it off and finish all of them🙂

The first book I finished this week was: The old man and the sea 

I was really excited to read this book because obviously you read amazing comments on the legendary Hemingway everywhere, however I must admit that after reading this book, his style might not be one of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, the book itself is really good, it shows the place man has in the world in a really metaphorical and beautiful way, but I don’t know, I guess he is really different from everything else I’ve read before. My all means you should read this book; it should be in everybody’s reading list, however if you are not that into the slow-paced event-development thing, then I must warn you. This novel is not to be read in a rush, the story itself forces the reader to slow down and really meditate what is written; only this way will you fully understand what the author portrayed in this book.

The second book I read was: Mosquitoland

This is a relatively new book that caught my attention from the very opening line “I am not okay”

This story is not about superficial things, when you read these words, let me tell you, they really mean something deep. The author shows a girl that at the beginning seems like a sick person, with some quirky facts about her, however as the story develops you begin to question how really sick she is, or if she is sick at all. I think that you can really see the deep internal pain a person can go through and most of all, be able to endure and manage to find the tiniest ray of light that life might give. It is definitely a YA novel, however if you want some light reading then this is definitely something you should consider. Funny, painful, sad and exciting are some of the words I can use to describe Mosquitoland.

If you read these books, please let me know what you think!!🙂



In desperate need of swimming

Well, today I find myself missing so much one of the things that I absolutely LOVE to do: swimming. 

Ever since I was a little girl, the pool became my second home and although I do not swim in competitions anymore, it is still a sport that is a huge part of my life and is a little part of who I am. YES I am a super competitive and intense person, so swimming definitely keeps me to calm down and channel my energy haha, not to mention it has allowed me to eat and eat without feeling guilty about it. Well, I sometimes feel guilty but I love food so whatever! :p

But as the summer began, I have not been able to swim😦 I usually swim at my university’s pool, and since I am on vacations, I can’t go anymore.

I really really miss it, there is just something about a super intense workout at the pool, making endless laps, that just relaxes me and pushes me to be better and better. I also miss my lane partners😦 And since next semester I will be in Germany, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that there is a swimming team there I can join! It would be sooooooo awesome!!!

I think sports, or just working out can be a little underestimated sometimes. It’s just not about being fit, well at least not to me. My whole life sports have helped me become who I am today, have taught me a lot and I do them because I love it. Of course you can practice them because you want to get fit or whatever, but trust me, once you find one that you really like, it will become more than just what you need to do to loose a few pounds. It will become an important part of your life that gives you that extra boost of confidence and happiness that is always helpful🙂



Musical Discoveries: Collabro


Hi everybody,

I want to dedicate this post to a new music group I just discovered: Collabro

I know, I know, they have been around for almost a year now and they are BGT 2014 winners haha, but bare with me, I just found them thanks to my youtube feed. To be honest, it had been a long time since I listened to musical theatre, this last year was all about jazz, reggae and blues, so it was weird to see in my feed something related to a song from les mis, so when I saw it I obviously had to watch it. I must admit it was the best choice I could have made because honestly you guys, they are A-MA-ZING! I tend to be really picky about singers (I’m a singer myself, so I criticize a lot hihi) and they really blew my mind, their voices are strong, properly placed, so emotional….just breathtaking, not to mention they are really cute boys, so for me that is the whole package. I mean…AWESOME singers, cute, adorable british accent…do I need to say more??

They mostly make music theatre covers, as well as some contemporary songs, and honestly so many feelings and memories came back to me when I started listening to their music. My passion for music and my love for singing began with music theatre and with a song of Les Mis, so you can imagine what it meant to me to listen a song from this musical so beautifully performed after more than a year of zero music theatre in my life.

Here is a video of them performing the song that made me fall in love with them:

I really recommend you to listen to them, their music is great, it’s fresh, vibrant, and yet classic.

If you do listen to them, please let me know what you thought. ALSO if you have any band or artist you want me to listen to (all genres welcomed!) write it in the comments below🙂



First book finished! Review

Hello everybody,

so I just finished reading my first book from my summer reading list, Demian by Hermann Hesse, and I must say it was a great experience. It took me quite a while to really READ this book, because to be honest I had to re-read a few pages in order to understand everything.

From the very first pages of the book, Hesse manages to captivate the reader with the simple questioning of the true inner-self each man has. And I believe that there is nothing more intriguing to a person than these kind of questions, because we may think we know ourselves perfectly, but the author presents the possibility that we do not know the true desires of the soul, therefore we might not entirely find our true self.

There is one quote that really captivated me when I read it, and it still does amaze me every time I see it

“Nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to take the path that leads to himself”

This quote to me sums up the entire meaning of the book, because it’s not only about a boy growing up that tries to make some sense out of his teenage years, to me this book is way more than that. It’s about letting go, going with your instincts, also about ideals, beliefs, love, religion and much much more. As I read this book, I saw how the author managed to take situations and ideas that we can find everyday, and transform them in order to create a really intriguing story that will for sure leave you thinking about a lot of things.

I personally loved this book and once again Hermann Hesse proved to me why he is one of my favorite writers.I entirely recommend it, it’s not so long, so it is PERFECT to read during the weekend, because believe me, you will not want to put it down until you finish it!

If you have read it I would love to have your opinion, if not I really really encourage you to read it. Tell me what you think in the comments below!🙂